• U.S. Forensic Welcomes Carolyn K Gomez, P.E.

    We are pleased to announce that Carolyn Gomez, P.E. has joined U.S. Forensic's Miami team of experts. 
  • Because We’ve Always Done it That Way

    As forensic engineers, we are called to seek answers to the question “why?” Why did something fail? Why did the accident occur? And sometimes, “Why has it always been done this way?”
  • U.S. Forensic Welcomes Joseph Czajka, P.E.

    We are pleased to announce that Joseph Czajka, P.E. has joined the U.S. Forensic team in Ohio.  Mr. Czajka obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Florida.
  • Heat Maintenance Evaluation

    It was reported that a residential building in the Northeast was damaged due to frozen and burst water or heat pipes. We were retained to provide a weather analysis for the time period during which the damages reportedly occurred, and to provide opinions regarding whether or not the capacity of the heating system in the building was adequate to provide reasonable heat to the building, and whether or not reasonable heat was maintained in the building during the time period in question. Our work to complete this assignment was performed by Dennis Morrissey, P.E.
  • Snow Load Evaluation

    U.S. Forensic was retained to determine the cause of a barn collapse. The homeowner reported that during a snow event, wind pressure caused the structure to collapse. Joel Howard, P.E. was assigned to conduct a failure analysis.  Our client requested that we evaluate the building framing and determine the cause and extent of the damage.